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This section contains the typical information that is useful when considering purchasing an NSX including pricing guidance, costs of ownership, etc. In addition, ownership brings certain recommended responsibilities that are covered in the section titled "Exotic Car Owners Code of Conduct"


Pricing considerations

Buyers Guide

Decoding a VIN is Important

Cost of Ownership

Other Frequent Considerations

  • Will I Fit?

  • Daily Driver?

  • High Mileage - High mileage should not scare off prospective buyers as long as there is a verifiable history of proper maintenance over time. At it's core, the NSX is basically a Honda and inherits its deserved reputation for reliability and high mileage if well maintained. A key major service interval happens at the 7 year or 80,000 mile point which is when the timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, etc are replaced which is a significant expense. However, once this is done, there are still many miles of happy motoring ahead with numerous owners over 100k miles and a handful over 200k miles. There has also been one owner in Ontario Canada that was featured in the Canadian Acura magazine with over 500,000 kilometers which is approximately 300k miles. Here are some "high mileage club" examples: High Mile Club

  • Winter Driving?

  • Importing

  • Insurance

  • Monroney Sticker

Purchase Process

Inspection Checklist

Extended Warranty


Notifying Acura

Exotic Car Owners Code of Conduct

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