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The DIY section contains instructions, hints, and suggestions for taking care of a number of maintenance and upgrade tasks related to the NSX.  If you have a new procedure or improvements on an existing one, please send some feedback or e-mail me.

These DIYs augment the service manual; they are not intended to replace it. Anyone who intends to do their own work on their car should absolutely own a service manual for their model year. If you don't have one, go buy one RIGHT NOW at There is also a '91 service manual online Service manuals for emergency reference.

NOTE: Some procedures are available as .PDF files. You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or later progam to open them. If you cannot open them, you have an older version of Acrobat Reader.

Photographs would help illustrate many of these instructions better! If you happen to be working on your car, please snap a few photos to help show what's going on.  If you have a digital camera or can scan the pictures yourself, simply e-mail them to me and I will be happy to add them. If you have prints and no way to scan them but are willing to mail them to me, I will scan them and return the originals to you.  I can't take my car apart every weekend for photos to illustrate all these procedures so your help is appreciated! Thanks, and enjoy the Do-It-Yourself Section!

Project At A Glance

Many DIY procedures include a "Project At A Glance" overview so you can see what kind of time, cost, tools and experience are needed before proceeding. 

P r o j e c t    A t    A    G l a n c e
Time / Total Time   0:30 Interval   n/a
Total Time   1:30 Standard Tools   Jack, Jack Stands
Difficulty   1 of 5 Special Tools   n/a
First-Time Cost   $60 / $300 Parts  
Subsequent Cost   $0 Service Manual   
People    1 Prerequisites   jack car, remove wheels
Notes: Properly placing the car on jack stands is critical to safely working underneath.

Project At A Glance - Explained

Time A liberal estimate based on an average DIYer to do the procedure properly. Includes setup and cleanup, but  not prerequisite procedures. First timers may want to double this estimate.
Total Time The sum of the prerequisite times plus the procedure time.
Difficulty How hard it is on a scale of 1 (easy) to 5 (you vow to never work on your car again). Computed based on the number of four-letter words, bleeding wrenches and thrown wrenches per hour.
First-Time Cost The cost of the procedure plus any special tools and parts.
Subsequent Cost The approximate cost of the procedure, not including any first-time costs associated with buying special tools and parts.
People The number of people required to do the job easily
Interval The factory recommended service interval for this procedure. You should follow these recommendations. These are from the people who designed and built the car so they probably know what they are talking about.
Standard Tools Standard tools that any decently equipped garage should have which are needed for the procedure.
Special Tools Any special tools required or recommended for the job. Includes NSX-specific tools from Honda.
Parts Parts (Acura or otherwise) required or suggested
Service Manual  The relevant pages of the service manual which will almost certainly prove helpful.
Notes Any additional notes or comments you need to know before getting into the job.


DIY Projects - Organized by Type

The Basics

Wrenching Basics (READ THIS FIRST!)

Locating Engine, Transmission and VIN Numbers

Retrieving Trouble Codes With The Service Check Connector

Jacking Up The Car

Removing and Installing Wheels

Tools - A New Way To Spend Money

Maintenance & Repair


Checking and Changing Brake Pads

Bleeding the Brakes

Engine & Drivetrain

Coolant Flush and Fill

Changing Transaxle Oil

Engine Oil Change

Checking and Adjusting Valve Gap

Oil Pan and Oil Pan Gasket

Replacing the Air Filter

Engine Coolant Overflow Bottle - Painting or Replacing

Clutch Initialization



Modifying or Replacing Seats

Install Experience for Seat Covers

Interior Color Stitching

Removing the Center Console and Dash

Removing the Door Panels

Installing a Dash Trim Kit

Accessories & Electrical

Installing OEM Keyless Entry

OEM Theft Deterrent System Test

Troubleshooting the Climate Control System

ECU Removal

Making a Padded Garage

Removing And Installing A Shift Knob

Speedometer Calibration

Troubleshooting the Traction Control System (TCS)

OEM Bose Speaker/Amp Removal and Repair

Body & Chassis

Fixing Tears in Window Boots

Removing the Front Bumper

Finding and Eliminating Interior and Chassis Noises

Replacing Front Air Dam Guard

Replacing Trunk and Engine Hatch Struts

Replacing Front Ball Joints

Headlight Adjuster Fix



Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Brake Air Ducts and Deflectors

Painting Brake Calipers

Engine & Drivetrain

Installing Aftermarket Exhaust

Installing Aftermarket Headers

Accessories & Electrical

Tips on Installing Electrical Accessories

Fire Extinguisher Mounting

Installing an Aftermarket Battery

Aftermarket Stereo, Multimedia and Navigation Systems

Installing a Radar/Laser Detector

Easy Dali Window Fixit Thingy Install

HID Installation using AutoLamps NSX Kit

Installing the SmartShift (manufacturer's instructions)

Installing the SmarTenna (manufacturer's instructions)



Body & Chassis

Zanardi-Style Mesh Side Air Intakes

Making A Mesh Engine Cover

Shocks and Springs

Sway Bars

DIY Projects - Organized Alphabetically

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